About Us

Actually, Design architecten BNA was founded by Sholeh Mohtasham in 2004. Its main activity involves the design of buildings and associated tasks necessary for the preparation and realization of these buildings. This includes obtaining the required permissions, producing the working drawings, and providing advice regarding the selection of the contractor. Designing as a passion, where maximizing the use of spaces and creating layouts that align with the client's desires adds additional value, remains the ultimate challenge.

Our mission

From minor renovations to intricate buildings, every request presents us with a challenge and is approached with equal passion. Actually Design is eager to assist investors who possess the courage and vision to transform a real estate investment into a spatially enhancing object. This courage and vision also inspired Actually Design to establish Reurbanisers in 2013, where their own real estate developments are realised on a small scale.


Hotel de Veste/ Schiedam


Team Actually Design